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A wise person once said, 'It’s not what you say that people remember, it’s how you make them feel.' Ironically, I don’t remember who said that, but it is the approach I’ve taken to my work for years. As a creative, I always start by thinking about how I want the audience to feel - emotion being the conveyor that the message ultimately travels through. Everything else is designed around that. I could go on, but it's better to let the work do the talking. Speaking of which, this site is a small sample of the work I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate on with countless creative and business-savvy talents from around the world. This includes my role as a partner at Sid Lee, Brand Director at Ubisoft, and Creative Director at other prestigious agencies, including my own.
If you would like to collaborate or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact page. Thanks for the visit!
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